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Part 2


Nature gives you the face you‘ve got in your 20s. It‘s your turn to determine the face you‘ve got in your 50s.

In a column of three pieces dr. Semprini tells us something about the small luxury problems of beauty, which can occupy big places in our heads. With good reason. Today: Peelings.

Did you know that the first impression we get of a person is dominated by the teint and the general condition of our skin? That happens completely unconscious: we registrate when another person looks grey, tired or pale, tanned or patchy. And even before our eye sends the exact details to our brain and we can name them, the eye already decided: „Oh, this woman looks kinda old“ – or maybe „Wow, this woman appears really young and fresh!“ The wish for a rosy, fresh glow in our faces is not really a new trend: Already Cleopatra treated her skin with sulfur and mustard in order to impress Caesar with a perfect teint. If she was successfull with this agressive method is questionable. And especially: Who knows how the beautiful reign would have looked like with 45, 50 or even 60 years? So we can be glad to live nowadays. And with our knowledge today we have to warn you of these radical methods. The skin can forgive quite much, but harsh mechanical treatments, sunbathing for too long, not enough hydration from the inside and the outside, lack of exercise or nicotine leave their marks on your skin over the years. Also, the older we get, the slower and more incomplete our reparation mechanisms of the skin work. The result: wrinkles, pigmented spots and a pale teint. We all know them. But we don‘t like them. Stupid, but not changeable? Indeed! Peelings can help to activate the healing process of your skin – for every skin type. Peeling would literally just mean to peel something. If now you‘ve got a banana or a potatoe in your mind, don‘t think about this kind of peeling – just imagine what you can see underneath after it! Something tasty, fresh and smooth. A peeling can improve our skin in many ways: dead skin cells and cornifications get removed, which let the teint appear dull and scaly. We don‘t need them anymore, so just get rid of it! Underneath the old „shell“ a perfect teint will appear, also the cell regeneration gets activated – and the skin appears after a few treatments a lot clearer, smoother, softer and fresher. Also the following caring products can act better. Sounds good? It is.

I think so called chemical peelings with glycolic acid – a substance of fruit acid – are absolutely essential anti-aging tools. You can use mild peelings on a regular basis, sometimes also more intense ones. It‘s especially important to peel the skin of your neck and your hands early enough. These parts react very sensitive to sun damage, which become visible after much time – so prevention is the smartest way of treatment here. We all dream of young, even skin with a mild, healthy teint that also appears fresh without covering makeup – not important if it‘s tanned or pale. The multi talent peeling can make this dream come true. Glycol acid peelings are a very fast and effective method for rejuvenation and regeneration. Depending on the depth of the damage on the skin, the chosen concentration of the peeling and the duration of the treatment, the peelings act on the surface, in mid-depth or really deep – so the intensity is quite varieable. A peeling smoothes the surface of the skin, makes rosy cheeks instead of tired ones, and it is very effective for impure and shiny skin to reduce blackheads, pimples and it lets the pores get smaller. Light-induced wrinkles get flattened, age marks and pigment disorders will be decreased. The treatment only needs a few minutes, can only be done by experienced doctors – and private health insurances even pay for this beauty treatment. You can see the results immediately, already after only one treatment and you don‘t even need to get time off after it. The only thing, people around you will recognize, is your glowing appearance. And before their brains can analyse anything, they‘ll already think: „Wow, she looks really young and fresh!“