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Part 3


„Was heisst schon für uns Frauen, mit Anstand alt zu werden? Lieber unanständig jung bleiben.“

In a column of three pieces dr. Semprini tells us something about the small luxury problems of beauty, which can occupy big places in our heads. With good reason. Today: Peelings.

How often did I already sit in a coffee shop next to a group of women in their 40s and coincidently listened to their talking about aesthetic medicine… „Why can‘t we just get old decently?“ or „always these mask-like botox faces“… but what do I tell you, you probably already know about all these second thoughts and prejudices. But in this kind of meeting usually one or two of the women don‘t say anything at all about it because they already tried these kinds of aesthetic treatments. How can I know that? I am facing these obvious little problems of getting older on a daily level. I accompany all my patients very intensely. Also I already have 20 years of experience in my profession.

The philosophy of these ladies often sounds like this: I have a good appearance – and the others should definitely not know about my little treatments. Why not? Ok, who would still tell them, now that they were talking so bad about it. But what still impresses me after my long experience in this job is, how many women miss their chance for a better look in their older years. They are often just scared of the new medicine, scared of something going wrong, scared of unknown products. And they‘re scared of going to the wrong doctor that doesn‘t treat the medication with respect. All these tabloids with their pictures of just unnatural and not really beautiful faces also don‘t encourage one to try one of these aesthetic treatments. What‘s missing is a neutral, subject-specific and valid informing. An example: did you know, that Botox was used successfully for about 25 years in medicine already, against migraine, overactive bladder, sweating, paralyzation after a brain attack, in pain therapy and for Parkinsons-tremor. Botox is also used for children with cerebral pulsy – movement disorders caused by brain damage.

One thing is clear: For Anti-aging-treatments with a perfect and harmonic result you need a doctor with a great experience and „a good eye“ for aesthetic. Actually there is no compulsory schooling. There are doctors that go to a weekend seminar, get a certificate and treat their patients then. Of course that doesn‘t mean that they master their craft. So please always check where your doctor learned his techniques, since when and how many patients per day he‘s treating and which products he‘s using. One filler is not like the other and Botox is not always the same, too. Double check the products he‘s using on the internet.

I also want to give you a short view on liquid lift, short LL: Actually it‘s an attempt to avoid a surgical intervention with a minimal invasive treatment. A good doctor usually tries to find out where you‘re aging and treats especially these regions, like the whole face, the next and usually also the hands, so everything is matching. Depending on your skin, the whole face or only some parts are treated. There is a big variety of products which can be used for the treatment: chemical peelings, hyaluron acid fillings, Botox, mesotherapy, derma rollers and also caring products. These are selected individually and combined together to achieve the best result. And if you also keep in mind my principle „less is more“, your face appears rejuvenated, natural and harmonic again. And after that.. every woman can decide on her own if she wants to keep this secret on her own or if she gives her friends also the chance to appear a little bit younger.