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a fascinating agent used for different scopes


Botulinum toxin type A (Botox® or Vistabel®) is a fascinating agent used for different scopes of treatments like hyperhidrosis treatments; ophthalmology (strabismus); neurology (migraines); urology (bladder weakness) and healing of scars.

For 20 years now, Botox® has established itself as a modern, gentle, safe and effective treatment in the field of wrinkle therapy, used to counter-act the forming of facial lines. We only use the original product Vistabel® manufactured by the company Allergan. This product blocks the distribution of a “messenger” which is responsible for the contraction of muscles. Thus, when this “messenger” is blocked, the facial muscles relax. Extreme facial expressions can be prevented and pre-existing wrinkles can be smoothed out.

Botox® is accurately injected with a fine needle, directly into those muscle groups which cause wrinkles as a result of frequent contraction. A natural appearance is given priority in our practice. The treatment takes less than 30 minutes and the full effect is visible after 1-2 weeks. The treatment lasts for approximately 4-6 months. The unlearning of bad facial habits like glabellar lines and pulling down at the corners of the mouth is, for me, the most impressive and beneficial effects of receiving injection of Botox® on a regular basis.

Side effects:
Side effects can occur if too much Botox® is injected. It then spreads into the surrounding muscles. In isolated cases, if the injection was done by an inexperienced healthcare professional, there can be a drooping eyelid for a short period of time. This of course leads to an unnatural appearance. As Botox® gets metabolized, this effect will subdue after a period. All in all, undesired effects occur very seldom – as long as an experienced doctor performs the treatments. All the visible side-effects in connection with Botox® are reversible.