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Part 5

The face in profile and beautiful earlobes

„Eine schöne Uhr zeigt die Zeit an, eine schöne Frau lässt sie vergessen“

In this article Dr. med. Karin Semprini talks about small luxury problems of beauty that can take a lot of room in our heads. Today: The face in profile and beautiful earlobes.

Are you a woman that cares for details, too? A woman who knows that sometimes small things are needed for perfection. And what makes a look perfect? Matching jewellery, right. Beautiful and nice earpiece will make your outfit stand out and gives your face a pleasant glow. Currently trending: statement-earrings. Always timeless: genuine jewellery. Unfortunately this jewellery doesn‘t only have its worth but also its weight. But which earlobe is able to bear this in the long run? And how does a glamourous, shiny earring appear in an overstretched earlobe or even in an unattractively wrinkled, worn out one?

But enough of these unhandsome scenarios – let‘s just take a short glance at the reality. The tension strength of our skin does not only decrease in our face, but also on our ears. The skin gets weaker when we get older, the tissue holds less moisture, the earlobe has less volume. Thereby also sleeplines can get embedded a lot easier – and not any anti-aging-cream on earth can make them disappear.

And now: the good news. The modern aesthetic medicine has got an easy but highly effective solution: hyaluronic acid. Overstretched earlobes are made full and round again. The treatment only requires about half an hour, the injection with hyaluronic acid itself only a few minutes. The injection is also almost painless.

The effect: the earlobe is full and the earlobe piercing round again and offers all the great earpieces – that were made “for eternity“ – a good support again. Already the day after the treatment! Also a correction of the earlobe or an enlargement is possible. Because there is no muscle activity in the earlobe, the effect stays longer than in other parts of the face: depending on the individual structure of the skin and the extent of the treatment up to fifteen months. A follow-up treatment is not compulsory, but my patients always had been so impressed, so they don‘t want to miss it anymore.