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a shining complexion while rejuvenating the skin


Glycolic Acid belongs to the group of fruit acids and provides a shining complexion while rejuvenating the skin

Peelings with a strong glycolic acids are the aesthetic standardised treatment and may only be carried out by experienced doctors. Beauticians may not perform treatments. When applying Glycolic Acid Peelings, it is not only the upper dermal layer which can be smoothened and improved, but acne and pigmentation marks can also be treated. Even sun-burned skin can be treated with a Glycolic Acid Peeling.

For a visible rejuvenation of the skin, a single treatment per month during the first 6 months is required. After the initial treatment, 3-4 peelings per year are recommended. Our treatment with glycol acid takes approximately 60 minutes, since the skin will also be moisturized and soothed with two facial masks at the end of the procedure. We start off with a dose of 20% strength and can increase the dose up to 70% strength.

The Glycolic Acid peels off the dead cells of the upper dermal layer. At the same time, the production of collagen and elastin is activated. Your skin will lose its grey complexion and will look fresh. Glycolic acid ensures that the skin is more receptive and thus it can immediately and easily absorb moisturizing substances. After the peeling, your skin should ideally be treated with moisturizers. A sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 50 is vital in order to protect the thinner skin from UV radiation. After only one treatment, the pores become smaller while black and white heads are dried out. You have a much more smoother and brighter skin.

No need to plan a “time out” any more.