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break down fat


In order to break down fat which cannot be reduced by dietary changes or a well-directed, active, exercise therapy, remains a fascinating idea and indeed a reality!

The “fat burning injection” from Brazil is a gentle, effective and sustainable method for fat reduction. It is particularly suitable for both women and men of a normal weight, but with defined, small problem zones. It is not appropriate for overweight people.
After the treatment with phosphatidylcholin (PHC, a natural preparation from soya beans) the fat in the tissue is increasingly melted. The fat is dispersed and is then removed by the lymphatic system and metabolized in the liver.

Side effects:
I have done treatments with fat burning injections since 2002. In order to keep redness, swelling and itching limited, I only inject accurately controlled doses during each session. Several treatments (2-3 times) within intervals of 4-8 weeks are necessary. An anaesthetic cream is applied which numbs the skin so that the tiny punctures are almost unnoticeable.


• Riding breeches
• Upper and lower abdomen
• Bottom wrinkle
• Fat at shoulder and arm joint
• Upper arms
• Knees
• Back
• Male fat breast (chest area of men)
• Double chin, neck, sunken cheeks