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Dr. med. Karin Semprini

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Karin Semprini

Dr. Karin Semprini has been in the Skin Care business for over 30 years and is recognized as a pioneer and leading expert within the industry.

After successfully completing her medical studies in Munich, Germany Dr. Semprini moved to South Africa where she obtained her worldwide recognized MBChB in the late 90’s. While in South Africa, Dr. Semprini founded the Bay Skin Care Institute where she used her cosmetic and medical experience to lead a team of Doctors, Cosmetic and Laser Specialists to successfully serve a worldwide client base. During this time Dr. Semprini also served as a trainer for Allergan, a global pharmaceutical leader in the industry, training over 700 Doctors in the use of Botox, Hyaluronan fillers, Chemical Peeling and Laser treatments.

Dr. Semprini moved back to the Munich area in 2011 to open a medical practice in Starnberg where she continues to use her wealth of experience in the Aesthetic Medicine field to treat her patients, train other Doctors and participate in the continued research and development within the industry.