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The hCG-diet

Do you already have a New Year‘s resolution? Are you planning on a personal new start? Getting more sporty and trimmed and finally tightening the problematic areas? Maybe this newsletter is the perfect holiday surprise for you.

Today I want to tell you something about the hCG-diet. A weight loss programme I am absolutely convinced of. It‘s a programme which can lead to four to ten kilograms weight loss in a quite short time. At the same time the metabolism gets activated gently so there is no yo-yo effect.

It‘s a programme which can lead to four to ten kilograms weight loss in a quite short time.

The Background
How could Sophia Loren keep her curves so perfect? Why did Renée Zellweger get so fit again after “Bridget Jones‘s Diary“? And how did Catherine Zeta Jones get this trained again after giving birth to her baby? Only some discipline and personal training didn‘t do that. The hCG-diet was kept secret for about fifty years. Only the rich and the beautiful from Europe and the USA knew about it. It‘s a programme that was only used in the exclusive clinics of Rome, Geneva, Marbella and California. Secrecy was top priority.

What is hCG?
HCG is the abbreviation for human chorionic gonadotropin. All people create this hormon equally. During pregnacy this is used by the body to signal the use of fat reserve to be able to sustain a baby even during times of famine. It also makes the mother feel energized.

How is the hCG diet implemented?
It‘s very simple: 23 to 40 days of diet in accordance to weight loss goals. A daily dose of hCG. A calorie reduction to 500 kcals a day. This is done in a healthy manner with high protein and vegetables. Low fat and no carbohydrates. The effect is that the body believes it‘s pregnant and now it prioritizes the use of fat reserves. After the strict diet a three week stabilization period follows.

What are the pros of the diet?

  • The diet plan is simple. It‘s easily integrated in any lifestyle. Your thoughts are not constantly consumed by food since there is not much to think about
  • You feel fit. Tiredness does not appear
  • After a few days, the hunger disappears
  • You lose weight directly in your problem areas
  • The hCD-diet works during menopause, during hormone changes as well as with thyroid disfunction