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Semprini Vampire Lift

The phrase “Vampire lifting”

The current question: the Phrase “Vampire Lifting” has gotten a lot of attention recently. Images of celebrities with bloody faces. What‘s that all About?

The treatment known as Vampire Lifting is a combination of needling – we talked about this in our last newsletter – and self-blood treatment using blood plasma, the so called PRP (platelet rich plasma).

This combination of treatments stimulates the production of collagen in the skin and a regeneration of connective tissue. Through these natural means the skin is refreshed and gains elasticity, texture, skin surface and pigment disorders are drastically improved.

The skin is prepared by using a light chemical peel. After this anaesthetic is applied to numb the skin. During the exposure a blood sample is taken and specially prepared. The activated PRP is then applied to the skin – mostly to the face, neck, or décolleté. Following this, the procedure of needling is done using a derma roller and after this more plasma is applied. The needling activates the selfhealing abilities and by adding the PRP the effects are intensified.

To finish the procedure off, a relaxing mask is applied for thirty minutes. The treatment is basically painfree, the skin is fully healed – it only looks slightly red, similar to the look after a long jog. After the treatment a mineral free, breathable make-up is applied. No one will notice a thing. After 24 hours it will be unnoticeable. The only difference is the fresh, all natural tension and younger look of your skin. Due to the effect coming from your body the full effect only appears after a few days and due to it coming from your own body, there are no chances of allergies.